Monday, October 10, 2011

Front of Fridge is Valuable Real Estate

“What’s that and why is it posted on the fridge,” the children whine.

Even after careful, pre-planned explanation of the purpose and necessity of the Excel Spreadsheet Half Marathon Training Schedule and its important location on the front of the fridge, the children are not very understanding. 

“You told us nothing goes on the fridge because it makes the house look cluttered,” the children whine.

I quickly correct that things can go on the fridge.  Just not for very long.  Only something as important as the Excel Spreadsheet Half Marathon Training Schedule can be displayed on the front of the fridge until every box is checked off and I am ready to race.

“You don’t let us put our artwork on the fridge,” the children whine.

Sure I do.  Each piece of artwork is allowed to be posted on the fridge for all to enjoy, until dinner is over.  Then we take it down and add it to the pile for their scrapbooks.

“What about our school lunch calendar?” the children whine.

Seems silly to me to post a lunch menu in plain sight when you always get hot lunch. Where’s the surprise in that?

“While we are on the subject, I’d still like to know why you keep moving my travel schedule to a file cabinet, because it belongs on the fridge,” my husband whines.

My kitchen, my fridge, my Excel Spreadsheet Half Marathon Training Schedule.  Can’t you three be more supportive? 

Too Late To Be a Marathon-ista

I have spent many miles training for a half marathon that happens this Sunday.

Many Miles. Many Miles.  Many Miles.

I’ve battled my fitness goals, conquered my bad knee fears, and fought the dying of the 39th light.  I will prove it on Sunday.  And I will look good doing it!

Having been around the block a few times (see 40th birthday reference above), I know a few things.  First and foremost, the exact right outfit on the first day of school is the difference between Prom with a hot, hunky senior and Homecoming Dance with a pack of like-dateless girls.  There is no second chance at your first wrist corsage, ladies! 

There are serious race day wardrobe and accessory issues that have yet to be addressed.  I refuse to cross that finish line looking anything but smoking hot, lily fresh, and fully hydrated.

When the training schedule allows 3 days of rest before the big day, this time should be spent at Dick’s Sport, the Nike Outlet, and paying overnight shipping fees to

Wednesday is Day of Rest #1. 

In preparation, I started my strategic shopping list about an hour ago.  I went online with firm conviction that looking good was going to cost some serious dough.  I needed advice on the fabrics and color hues to become a true Half Marathon-ista.  

Care to guess the most common advice I read? 

Nothing New.  Nothing New.  Nothing New.

All this training with the goal of a perfect time and a perfect outfit?  And now you tell me I am TOO LATE for something cute and new? 

I can hardly wait to see my Finish Line Picture.  A white tank with armpit stains should nicely compliment the baseball cap of which my dog chewed on the rim and the socks with mismatched cuffs.  I assume the “Nothing New” theory does not apply to the knotted shoelace I have been meaning to change for three weeks?  Oh hell, it probably does.